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Global Petroleum Show 2016


Global Petroleum Show 2016

Global Petroleum Show 2016 Editorial

global petroleum show 2016 remote group ots chlorine dioxide equipment

Those preparing for more stringent water regulations in fracture stimulation operations will see a natural fit for Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) applications. Water on the surface impacts community relations and on the subsurface provides a hydraulic connection to the reservoir.

Thanks to the Rocky Mountains the Canadian Oil & Gas industry has access to plentiful freshwater sources while the rest of the world has had to come face to face with limited access to water sooner.

The industry will needchlorine dioxide every water source available to support the growing demand. Chlorine Dioxide oxidation technology allows treatment of produced water that would otherwise be treated as a waste by-product to be recycled for upcoming Operations. After treating biologicals and scavenging H2S the fluid is safe and ready for re-use.

Water from a Producing well treated and sent back to a frac, steam, injector, or disposal well allows sustainable development without compromising on future generations water supply. Better that we act in socially responsible way so that development can continue and coexist around communities that also rely on these water sources.

Disposal wells are not always practical including the capital needed upfront to drill and construct them. Today industry drills water source wells side-by-side water disposal wells and water treatment could change all that.

Disposal well restrictions as we know have been imposed in other jurisdictions. Oklahoma has undergone restrictions that reduce injection volumes by 40% so alternatives will be required to satisfy the regulations. Canadian regulations have not cut back volumes for local disposal wells but what is happening in Oklahoma may not be far off.

In today’s industry technological advancement h
as to add value and use less resources so that no matter what the commodity price, value is still organic and intrinsic. Water quality in large varies from one zone to the next, or even one township to the next. Each treatment is customized to fit the source water and meet the criteria for quality of the end product.

Chlorine Dioxide generators meet the scale of today’s operations where other water treatment technology can not. Use of Chlorine Dioxide in municipal drinking water systems is a testament to the proven application for treatment. This is not just an off the shelf technology like traditional biological treatments and the results are measurable and quantifiable on-the-fly.


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