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Chlorine Dioxide

Remote OTS Chlorine DioxideChlorine Dioxide

In an effort to reduce the risk of microbial induced souring, microbial induced corrosion (MIC) and reduced hydrocarbon flow rates, microbial disinfection using Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is achlorine dioxide flowback freshwater produced remote group biocide top choice. Proven effective at killing live bacteria and spores, Chlorine Dioxide works effectively on freshwater, sour formations, and produced water.

It is a leading microbiological control technology for fracturing water disinfection with the added benefits of real-time monitoring and control. Remote achieves proper dosing through the 3 precursor method of generating Chlorine Dioxide. ClO2 selectively oxidizes and rapidly acts to meet the desired disinfection with analytical feedback.

Chlorine Dioxide technology for municipal drinking water treatment is regulated by several overseeing Regulatory agencies across North America. The key to safe drinking water comes from minimizing the unwanted by-products formed during treatment. The benefit is that is lessens disinfection by-products as compared to competitive technologies like bleach based chlorination.

Beyond technical qualifications sustainable use of water is required to support the growing demand of the industry and population. Produced water treatment is a best practice that can be used to supplement primary water sources in-part or in-whole. Rather than treating water as a waste byproduct, it should be used a resource. By treating produced water onsite we can reduce the costly need for disposal or possibly create new revenue streams given the demand for water that oil and gas operations typically require. The treatment design is completely customized to meet the quality of your fluids by our dedicated staff.


  • Generator
    • Safe and efficient on-site generation
  • Chemical Van
    • Storage and transfer unit for pre-cursor chemicals
  • Manifold
    • Combine multiple incoming sources with real-time monitoring


chlorine dioxide generator
Chlorine Dioxide Generator
chlorine dioxide chem trailer
Chemical Van
chlorine dioxide manifold
Chlorine Dioxide Manifold


  • Fresh Water
  • Produced Water
  • Flowback Water
  • Municipal Water


  • Increase efficiencies
    • Re-use produced water contributes to reduced GHG emissions
  • Reduce handling
    • Less transportation caused by transferring fluid to offsite treatment facilities
  • Improve onsite safety
    • Removing H2S prevents worker exposure during handling
  • Sterilization
    • Whether flowback, produced, fresh, or municipal prevent souring and microbial induced corrosion by eliminating bacteria
  • De-risk production
    • Removes dissolved metals that can naturally precipitate and plug reservoir pores


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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide works effectively on freshwater, sour formations, and produced water.

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